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Lubomira Mlcuchova

Limassol, Cyprus
+357 99898662


Therapies & Services
Our qualified licensed Physiotherapist and Holistic Therapist can treat:
  Physio exercises for after surgery, stroke, spinal problems (lumbar and cervical syndroms...) Corrective and preventive exercise for spinal correction and body posture (stretching...
Manual Therapies
Spinal Touch technique Therapeutic massage - "deep tissue" massage Soft tissue techniques, mobilization Reflexology Manual lymphatic drainage Shiatsu
Consulting / Holistic Lifestyle coaching
By definition, the word "holistic" means:  "relating to or concerned with wholes or complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts -- medicine which...
BIOPTRON light therapy
A revolutionary breakthrough in medicine: The BIOPTRON Light Therapy   Wide range of applications, easy to use Painless and short treatment time No known negative side effects...
REBOX electrotherapy
TCLA - Transcutaneous Correction of Local Acidosis The treatment method of the Rebox device is based on Transcutaneous Correction of Local Acidosis (TCLA). This therapy method is being clinically...